German Vocabulary – All about Calendar

Kalender – Calendar

In this post we look at German vocabulary based around the calendar. Most words to do with the calendar are male so it’s easy to remember the correct article. However there are a few exceptions which we you can see in the Special Words table at the bottom.


der Frühling spring
der Sommer summer
der Herbst autumn
der Winter winter
Januar January
Februar February
März March
April April
Mai May
Juni June
Juli July
August August
September September
Oktober October
November November
Dezember December
Montag Monday
Dienstag Tuesday
Mittwoch Wednesday
Donnerstag Thursday
Freitag Friday
Samstag Saturday
Sonntag Sunday


Special Words

der Feiertag public holiday
das Jahr year
die Jahreszeit season
der Kalender calendar
der Monat month
der Tag day
die Woche week
das Wochenende weekend
der Wochentag weekday
der Werktag working day
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