German Sayings in English Part 3

German Sayings and the English Equivalent

Below is a new table of German sayings translated into English. We have included the literal translation of the saying into English so you can truly understand what is being said. We hope you enjoy these, please add your own in the comments section below. You can also check out our first Part and second Part 🙂

Saying Literal Translation Meaning
seinen Senf dazu geben to put his/her mustard in it to give your two pennys worth
das Blaue vom Himmel herunter lügen to lie down the blue from the sky someone tells a lot of lies
auf die Eier gehen to go on the eggs doing my head in
einen auf den Deckel bekommen to get one on the lid someone is getting told off/to get a rosting
einen Vogel haben to have a bird to have a screw lose/to be crazy
die Hand ins Feuer legen to lie the hand in the fire to stick your neck out for something
die Nase voll haben to have the nose full fed up with something
einen Sprung in der Schüssel haben to have a crack in the bowl a sandwich short of a picnic
am Arsch der Welt at the ass of the world in the middle of nowhere
jemanden auf den Geist gehen to go on someone’s ghost to get on someone’s nerves
die Kuh vom Eis kriegen to get the cow away from the ice to solve a problem
das fünfte Rad am Wagen sein to be the fifth wheel of the carriage to be a fifth wheel (sometimes third wheel)
mach kein Affentheater don’t make a monkey theater don’t get your knickers in a twist
du hast einen Knick in der Optik you have a bend in your optics you are blind as a bat
einen Korb bekommen to get a basket to get turned down/to get dumped
einen Zahn zulegen to add a tooth to get a move on
es ist höchste Eisenbahn it is highest steam train there is no more time to waste
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