Inseparable and Separable Verbs with Video

What is a Separable and Inseparable Verb in German?

A separable verb in German is a verb with a German prefix. A prefix is an additional word such as an (on, to, by) or ein (on) which is added to the beginning of a verb to change its meaning.

For example: anschauen, einkaufen, umziehen

An inseparable verb follows the same pattern. Only certain prefixes make the verb inseparable.

For example: bekommen, entdecken, vergessen


The different prefixes:

There are many words that can be added to a verb to change its meaning and result in a German separable or inseparable verb.

The separable prefixes are:

ab-, an-, auf-, aus-, bei-, durch-, ein-, los-, mit-, nach-, her-, hin-, um-, vor-, weg-, zu-, zurück-

The inseparable prefixes are:

be-, ent-, er-, ge-, hinter-, miss-, über-, ver-, zer-

For more information on separable and inseparable verbs and the sentence structure of them read our first blog about German Separable Verbs and Verb Prefixes.


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