German Vocabulary – Countries and Nationalities with Video


Countries and Nationalities

In this blog we are going to help build up your vocabulary on countries and nationalities. The tables below are divided into countries and continents, nationalities and some important nouns.

Before going through this section you might want to watch the video that teaches these vocab with an interesting story. In addition, all plural forms of nouns are shown with the exception of words which have no plural form.

You can now learn even more words and phrases on this topic with audio playback and quizzes. Simply check out our Countries and Nationalities Lesson in level A1. Learn and enjoy the German language with Jabbalab!



Countries and Continents

German English
Afrika Africa
Amerika America
Asien Asia
Australien Australia
Brasilien Brazil
China China
Deutschland Germany
England England
Europa Europe
Frankreich France
Großbritannien Great Britain
Indien India
Irland Ireland
Italien Italy
Japan Japan
Kanada Canada
Österreich Austria
Portugal Portugal
Russland Russia
die Schweiz Switzerland
Spanien Spain


German English
der Afrikaner / die Afrikanerin, -nen African (man) / African (woman)
der Amerikaner / die Amerikanerin, -nen American (man) / American (woman)
der Asiat, -en / die Asiatin, -nen Asian (man) / Asian (woman)
der Australier / die Australierin, -nen Australian (man) / Australian (woman)
der Brasilianer / die Brasilianerin, -nen Brazilian (man) / Brazilian (woman)
der Brite, -n / die Britin, -nen Briton (man) / Briton (woman)
der Chinese, -n / die Chinesin, -nen Chinese (man) / Chinese (woman)
der Deutsche, -n / die Deutsche, -n German (man) / German (woman)
der Engländer / die Engländerin, -nen Englishman / Englishwoman
der Europäer / die Europäerin, -nen European (man) / European (woman)
der Franzose, -n / die Französin, -nen Frenchman / Frenchwoman
der Inder / die Inderin, -nen Indian (man) / Indian (woman)
der Ire, -n / die Irin, -nen Irishman / Irishwoman
der Italiener / die Italienerin, -nen Italian (man) / Italian (woman)
der Japaner / die Japanerin, -nen Japanese (man) / Japanese (woman)
der Kanadier / die Kanadierin, -nen Canadian (man) / Canadian (woman)
der Österreicher / die Österreicherin, -nen Austrian (man) / Austrian (woman)
der Portugiese, -n / die Portugiesin, -nen Portuguese (man) / Portuguese (woman)
der Russe, -n / die Russin, -nen Russian (man) / Russian (woman)
der Schweizer / die Schweizerin, -nen Swiss (man) / Swiss (woman)
der Spanier / die Spanierin, -nen Spaniard (man) / Spaniard (woman)

Useful Words:

German English
der Geburtsort, -e birth place
die Hauptstadt, -städte capital (city)
der Kontinent, -e continent
das Land, Länder country
die Nationalität, -en nationality
die Region, -en region
die Stadt, Städte city
die Welt, -en world

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