German Vocabulary – Free Time and Hobbies with Video


Free Time and Hobbies

In this blog we are going to help build up your vocabulary on free time and hobbies. The tables below are divided into verbs, nouns and useful phrases. Before going through this section you might want to watch the video that teaches these vocab with an interesting story.

You can now learn even more words and phrases on this topic with audio playback and quizzes. Simply check out our Free Time and Hobbies Lesson in level A1. Learn and enjoy the German language with Jabbalab!





German English
angeln to fish
fotografieren to take a photo
kochen to cook
lesen to read
malen to paint
reisen to travel
schlafen to sleep
schwimmen to swim
singen to sing
tanzen to dance
Rad fahren to cycle
sammeln to collect
shoppen gehen to go shopping
spazieren gehen to go for a walk
spielen to play
Sport machen to do sports


Singular Plural English
die Briefmarke die Briefmarken stamp
das Buch die Bücher book
das Hobby die Hobbys hobby
die Freizeit leisure time, free time
der Fußball football
die Gitarre die Gitarren guitar
das Kino die Kinos cinema
das Klavier die Klaviers piano
die Münze die Münzen coin
der Sport sport
das Tennis tennis

Useful Phrases:

German English
Ich lese gerne. I like reading.
Ich gehe gerne ins Kino. I like going to the cinema.
Ich sammle Briefmarken. I collect stamps.
Ich spiele gerne Fußball. I like playing football.
Mein Hobby ist Fotografieren. My hobby is photography.
Ich mache viel Sport. I do a lot of sports.
Ich fahre gerne Rad. I like cycling.
Ich schaue gerne Fernsehen. I like watching TV.
Ich spiele gerne Klavier. I like playing the piano.
Ich gehe gerne shoppen. I like shopping.
Ich gehe gerne spazieren. I like going for a walk.

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