German Question Words – Level B1 and B2


How to ask a question in German

A question is a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply. In German there are 3 ways of asking a direct question. For more information on how to do that take a look at our How to ask a question in German blog.

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German Question Words – Level B1 + B2

German English
Präposition + wann preposition + when
welcher/welche/welches which
wieso why
wofür for what / what…for
wobei at what / what…at
woran about what / what…about
worauf on/for what / what…on/for
worüber about what / what…about
wozu to what / what…to
weshalb why
wievielmal how many times

Example sentences:

Seit wann wohnt ihr in Berlin? ⇨ Since when have you been living in Berlin?
Wieso sagst du das? ⇨ Why do you say that?
Wofür brauchst du einen Schraubenzieher? ⇨ What do you need a screwdriver for?
Woran denkst du? ⇨ What are you thinking about?
Worauf wartest du? ⇨ What are you waiting for?
Worüber haben Sie geredet? ⇨ What did you talk about?
Weshalb hat sie schlechte Laune? ⇨ Why is she in a bad mood?

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