German Adverbs of Time – Level B1 and B2


German Adverbs of Time

German adverbs of time are words like now, today, or soon that all describe time or express when an event or action takes place. We’ve compiled this guide to help you understand and learn the correct way to use the German adverbs of time. You might want to check out our German Adverbs of Time – Level A1 and A2 blog. Learn and enjoy the German language with Jabbalab! 🙂


German Adverbs of Time – Level B1

Adverb Meaning
damals at that time
davor before that
gerade just
gleich in a minute, soon
inzwischen meanwhile, in the meantime
irgendwann some time
nachher later
seitdem since then
vorher before
werktags on weekdays

German Adverbs of Time – Level B2

Adverb Meaning
dauernd permanently
eben just
her before, ago
hinterher afterwards
kaum hardly
kürzlich recently
mehrmals several times
neulich recently
nochmals again
nun now
schließlich in the end, after all
seither since then
stets always
unterdessen meanwhile
zuletzt in the end
zurzeit at present, at the moment

Example Sentences

Markus hat gerade angerufen. ⇨ Markus was just calling.
Inzwischen hat sich viel verändert. ⇨ A lot has changed in the meantime.
Wir machen das nachher. ⇨ We’ll do this later.
Er hat kaum mehr Zeit. ⇨ He hardly has any time anymore.
Ich war neulich in Berlin. ⇨ I was recently in Berlin.
Zurzeit haben wir kein Zimmer frei. ⇨ We don’t have any vacancies at the moment.

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