Live German and French Skype Lessons

The fastest way to learn a language with our friendly language experts

We all know what it’s like, you’re working your way through a book, CD, online course and suddenly you get stuck. You hit a point where you feel you are missing something blindingly obvious but without it you just can’t progress fast enough. Well you can stop worrying and take action as we have just launched our Jabbalab Skype Lessons.

Each lesson will be with one of our dedicated Jabbalab language experts and they will be your friendly one-to-one contact to get you speaking your new language in no time.

We are currently offering Skype lessons in German and French, but please contact us if you require lessons in a different language.

Our lessons are offered in blocks of 30 minutes. For beginners, 30 minutes is perfect as it gives you enough information to progress, without being overwhelming. For the more advanced, a one hour lesson could be more appealing as it gives you more practice time with our language experts.

Our lessons are priced as follows:

30 minutes - £12.00 Buy Now (Subscribe and get this for £10.00)
1 hour - £22.00 Buy Now (Subscribe and get this for £10.00)

How to buy

1) Purchase a block of time
2) A Jabbalab language expert will email you with available times and dates
3) Connect at the agreed time via Skype or Google+ (instructions will be emailed)
4) Learn and Enjoy!