How fast can you learn German?

You can learn German faster than you ever thought. Our unique Double Translate™ method combines rapid vocabulary and sentence structure in one hit! With this unique system, you will not only learn what is said, but how and why it is said too. This gives you a much deeper understanding of the German language from a structural and cultural point of view.

Inside Jabbalab, you can learn at your own pace by completing our easy to follow modules. Each module has an animated story at its core. These stories are spoken by native German voice actors and subtitled with the Double Translate method. With these fun and creative animations, you'll be speaking German in no time!

Each module also comes with additional vocab and grammar lessons, as well as four quizzes to test your progress. Our speaking quiz has state of the art speech recognition software to make sure you will be understood when talking in German.

Learning German has never been easier, sign up free below to gain access to our language emporium and see how you can improve your German in no time.


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Why should you learn with us?

  • Our unique and innovative Double Translate™ method speeds up the learning process making it easier and faster to master your language.
  • Our bite sized modules are easy to access at very low fact with our Earn & Learn program you can even gain access for free!
  • Our flexible subscription system allows you to mix and match any module in any language so you can learn as many languages as you like.
  • With great animations, special awards and social engagement, FUN is at the core of everything we do. Who said learning had to be boring?!
  • You can pick the topics you want to learn and when you want to learn them. No more paying for content you already know!

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